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How To Prevent Termites

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Throughout many regions of the world, especially warmer regions, termites are present. These tiny insects feed off of wood, and are very industrious little creatures. They become pests when they find their way into your home are start using the wood assembling your house as their food.

If you live in a region that termites make their home, then it only stands to reason that you should take steps to prevent them from calling your house their home.

Seal it up

As tiny as they are, termites can find their way into a home through very small openings. Large gaping holes are an open door to them as well, but these are easier for a homeowner to spot. You really need to get down and examine your home for cracks, gaps and other tiny openings into the house.

If you know termites have penetrated your neighbourhood, then you really need to play it safe. Call your local pest control company and have them inspect your home for potential areas of termite invasion.

Don't send out invitations

Since termites are attracted to wood, don't invite them into your yard by having lots of wood available to them. Clear up and haul away any wood debris, remove any wooden trellises or the like on your home, and rethink using wooden lawn furniture in your yard. You may want to reconsider using any wood fireplaces, which need a stockpile of wood.

If this isn't possible, store it as far away from your home as possible, and keep it off the ground. Termites travel along the ground, so you need to minimize any wood to soil contact around and on your home. Wood sidings should ideally be replaced with vinyl or another choice, but otherwise, they should begin a good distance from the ground.

Examine & inspect

You may already have termites in your yard or home. You can inspect your yard by examining trees and especially stumps, and check the wood in and around your home. This would be a job best left to the professionals. Contact a local pest control expert to do a full inspection of your home and yard. They are experienced to recognize the hallmarks of termite infestation, and how to prevent them.

In nature, you can marvel at the work done inside huge termite homes. But in your home, there is nothing beautiful about the havoc termites can wreak.