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5 Reasons You Should Seek Professional Help For Bed Bugs

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Before you head off to the local retail store to clear their shelves of over-the-counter pest control products, there are some things that you should know about bed bugs. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they find out they have a bed bug problem in their home is to assume this can be handled in a DIY way. Here are five reasons you should seek a bed bug specialist for help.

1. People rarely know how big the problem is with bed bugs. - If you just spotted a bug on your sheets or caught one making you a midnight meal, it would be easy to assume you only have a few bugs. However, the worst thing about these creatures is it can be difficult to know when you are dealing with an infestation. Bed bugs are masters at hiding out and you may not know you really do need professional help.

2. Bed bugs are highly resilient to chemicals. - The chemicals that you purchase in stores for bed bug extermination are usually scaled-down versions of what professionals use. Even professionals have to be careful with the chemicals they use because many bed bugs have grown immune to traditional treatments with sprays and pesticides.

3. Bed bugs can and do travel. - If you have found bed bugs in your house, treating just one room will not suffice. These insects are quite good at traveling and will make their way to other parts of your home.

4. Bed bugs can live for weeks without food. - After a bed bug finds a host for feeding, they will scurry their way back into hiding where they may stay for as long five months. Therefore, you may think there is no longer a problem, but the bugs could still be tucked away somewhere in your home.

5. You will find bed bugs in unlikely places. - From hidden behind the outlet plate cover to buried in the crevices of your mattress, bed bugs are brilliant illusionist that work hard to stay out of sight when you are looking. The only way to ensure elimination is by treating an entire home for bed bugs in all of the right spaces.

When you understand a little more about bed bugs, it is easy to see that this is not a simple problem with a simple solution. It does not matter if you have spotted one bug or ten, it is a wise decision to contact a bed bug expert, like Pest Control Solutions, to help you get the situation under control.