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5 Visible Signs of a Termite Infestation in a Home

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When it comes to searching out some pests in your home, you may not be able to visibly see the pests themselves. This is especially true with termites who tend to hide out unnoticed and out of sight. Even though you may not see the actual insects when your home has a termite problem, you can still track them down and diagnose the issue by the signs that they inadvertently leave behind. Here are five visible characteristics of a termite problem in your house.

1. Shed Wings

Most termite breeds shed their wings soon after they leave the nest and you will find the evidence of this around your home. The slightly opaque or clear wings may be stuck in cob webs, in window sills, or even caught in your HVAC filter.

2. Blistered or Dark Spots in the Wood

When termites eat into wooden components, it can leave behind dark spotting that will make the wood appear blistered. This blistering is caused by the compromise in the surface of the wood, which allows excess moisture and humidity to seep inside.

3. Bulging Surfaces

Termites who have eaten their way into wall, ceilings, or flooring will often nest in the deteriorated surfaces. The nests can be tracked down quite easily because it will look like the surface is bulging where it should not be. Many homeowners will associate such bulges with water damage only to find out that they have an even bigger issue on their hands.

4. Tubular Formations on Wood

Often referred to as mud tubes, termites create these tunnels as a nesting area. The tubes can be thin in width and run in varying directions on the surface of the walls, wooden foundation, or even ceilings and doors. The tubes are easy to bust open and if your home is infested, breaking them open will yield several termites.

5. Porous Wood

Termites will bore their way through even the toughest wood components in your home, leaving behind visible signs of damage to the wood. This will make the wood appear more porous than what it should be. Some pest control companies use a fiber-optic light to shine through wood to track down narrow tunnels and pathways that have been created.

If you have spotted what appears to be a sign of termites in your home, it is crucial to get in touch with a pest control company like Fowler Pest Control immediately. Termites can easily cause a lot of damage to the structural stability of your house in a relatively short amount of time.