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Surprising Reasons You Could Have Bed Bugs In Your Home And Not Know It

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You would think that climbing into bed with a critter that feeds on your blood would be an obvious problem, but part of what makes bed bugs so scary is the fact that you could have them for months before you know it. Bed bugs are easy to carry home from hotel rooms, relatives, or even a secondhand shop that sells used furniture. The problem with bed bugs is so bad that one out of every five Americans has either experienced them in their home or hotel, or they know someone who has. With such alarming statistics, you must get critical about these pests and learn why they can be not so apparent in your home. Here are a few surprising reasons you could have bed bugs and not even know it.

Bed Bugs Are Sneaky Feeders

Most people assume that if they were bitten by a bed bug in the middle of their peaceful slumber, they would feel it right away and jump out of bed to discover the blood sucker. However, bed bugs are much more sneaky. Their mouths are made like miniature saw blades that can pierce layers of skin without resistance. Further, their saliva actually contains anticoagulants to keep blood free-flowing and pain killers to prevent you from knowing that you have been made dinner until it's too late.

Bed Bugs Live In Far More Than Your Mattress

The mattress of your bed is an ideal place for bed bugs because it boasts bunches of tiny cracks and crevices where the bed bugs can hide, breed, and lay their eggs. They can even make their way inside of the nice cushy material of your mattress for even better hiding. However, just because you do not see bugs on your mattress it does not mean that they are not present. They may be living in your carpet, beneath wallpaper, or even in the wooden pores of your bed frame.

Bed Bugs Are Incredibly Resilient

One of the biggest reasons you may not know that you have bed bugs is that they can actually lie dormant for months. You could pack up a few in a suitcase after vacation at your hotel, bring them home, and store the suitcase for quite a while with the live bugs still inside. These resilient insects can go without feeding for as long as 400 days if they have to.

Before you take a quick look at the usual and write off the possibility of bed bugs in your home, you may want to consider how hard it can be for the untrained eye to even recognize a problem with these pests. It is always a good idea to contact a professional pest control service for help even if you have been inadvertently exposed to bed bugs in the recent weeks. To learn more, contact a professional like Garrie Pest Control.