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3 Tips To Get Rid Of Your Bedbug Problems

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Bed bugs are little nuisances that can wreak havoc on your property and on your health. They are sneaky critters that can fill your body with nasty little bites that will make your skin red, itchy and inflamed. With this in mind, you will need to be sure that you are able to use some helpful remedies to kill bed bugs where they nest and keep them away. Follow these guidelines, and make sure that you reach out to a professional for bed bug treatment if you still have a problem. 

#1: Pinpoint The Areas That Are Affected

If you have a bedbug issue that you need to rectify, you'll first need to locate exactly where they are nesting. While they are most known for nesting underneath mattresses, you can also have bed bug problems in your sofa, tables, carpet and even electrical outlets. When you want to identify these pests accordingly, you will need to carefully pick a sample and place it in a plastic bag. Take that sample to either pest control or extension experts in your local area like those from Arab Termite and Pest Control who can properly let you know that the samples are bedbugs, so that you can act accordingly.

 #2: Prep Your Area For Extermination 

In order to get rid of bedbugs fully and completely, some prep work is necessary. For one, you'll need to get rid of any clutter in that room and thoroughly clean, like you would for spring cleaning. From there, vacuum carpets, check caulking and carefully get rid of any visible eggs. Wash all of your clothes, linen, tablecloths and other fabric in hot water, at least as high as 120 degrees. Allow them to dry thoroughly, and don't reapply them until your bed bug extermination is complete. 

#3: Use The Right Bedbug Extermination Products

Once it is time for you to actually wipe out the bedbug population, it is important that you get your hands on the right products. Shop your hardware store for products that specifically deal with bedbugs, and purchase a solution that also focuses on sterilizing the bugs and killing their eggs. In addition to these products, purchase some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it everywhere bedbugs are found. As a precautionary measure, you should also spray the powder inside of cracks and crevices, such as behind your refrigerator and oven and inside of your electrical sockets. 

Follow these three tips and use them to get rid of your bedbug problem.