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Keeping Mice Out Of Your Food Establishment

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If you work at a diner, restaurant, or café, you need to take steps diligently to keep mice from becoming intruders. Mice inside a food establishment can bring in bacteria, possibly contaminating food in the process. They are also carriers of disease, making it very important to take steps to keep them from getting inside the building at all. Here are some steps to take to make sure mice do not make their way into a food establishment so your customers remain healthy and you stay away from failing inspections.

Tend To Your Trash

Most food establishments use a dumpster on the property so employees can quickly throw away items no longer needed in the kitchen. Make sure your dumpster is not housed too close to your kitchen as mice could stray toward your building easily after looking through the trash. When putting trash in the dumpster, double-bag to help lessen odor. Put bricks or cinder blocks on your dumpster lid to eliminate the gap where mice can squeeze through.

Place Leftovers Appropriately

Most food establishments have a cleaning regimen in place for employees to follow. Make sure they are adhering to the policy by doing spot checks every once in a while. Check that lids are tightly sealed over containers and that all food is placed into a refrigerator or locking cabinet so there is no chance of mice getting near the items. Have employees use an environmentally friendly cleanser to wipe down counter tops. All kitchen appliances and tools should be washed after each use as well.

Keep A Cat Nearby

While you will not want a cat inside your establishment, it does not hurt to have one outside to help you keep mice at a minimum. Mice will shy away from predators, making your property less enticing if a feline is on the premises. Make sure your pet has an area built to use for shelter if weather conditions are less than ideal. 

Check The Exterior

It is a good idea to periodically check the exterior of your building for areas where mice can squeeze their way inside. Any cracks can be filled with caulk. Cover holes with flashing or mesh. Have a contractor repair larger damaged areas to keep mice away.

Eliminate Water Sources

If there is no water source for mice to obtain easily, they will most likely vacate the area to look for something to drink. Cover fountains and ponds during off-hours and make sure there are no leaking pipes in our around your building. If your actions aren't enough to ward off mice, contact a pest control company, such as Aloha Termite Kauai Inc.