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Kangaroo Rat Infestations: What You Need To Know About Proper And Legal Removal Methods

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If you've identified the rat infestation on your property to be kangaroo rats, you'll want to make sure that you work with a rodent control specialist to get rid of them. This is important because some kangaroo rat species are on the endangered list. That means you need to handle them carefully and relocate them instead of using a trap that can kill them. Typically scavengers who look for seeds, you'll know kangaroo rats by the difference in the length of their legs. The hind legs are usually noticeably longer than the front. Here's a look at what you should know about removing these rats from your property.

Using Traps

You can deal with a kangaroo rat infestation with traps, but you need to be selective about the type of trap you use. If the species you're dealing with is the large kangaroo rat, they're endangered and can only be captured in humane traps that don't injure them. Then, your rodent control specialist can relocate them. If you're dealing with a species other than the large kangaroo rat, you may be able to use a snap trap instead.

In either case, you'll want to place the trap near the entrance to the burrow, so you'll have to figure out where that is. Watch the activity for a day or two, following them to see where they're hiding. You can also walk the property looking for the small holes that indicate rat burrows.

Spraying Pesticides

If you've ruled out large kangaroo rats as the ones on your property, you might be able to use a pesticide product to get rid of them. You'll want pellets for this, because that's the easiest to put into the bait food you put out. If this is the way you want to proceed, you should let the rodent control specialist handle the placement, because it's essential that the pesticides are handled carefully. Remember that pesticides are poison, so you need to ensure that baits treated with them are placed in areas that won't attract other neighborhood animals or pests. Rodent control specialists know how to place these things so that they are accessible to the rats without risking the safety of other animals.

Dealing with any kind of rodent infestation is likely to be unpleasant, but if you're struggling with kangaroo rats, you need to be sure that they are handled carefully. With the information here, you can better understand your options and why it is important to choose the right one. Talk with a local rodent control technician, like one from Eagle Pest Eliminators, for more tips.