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How Flea Control Can Help You From Getting Cat Scratch Fever

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Cat scratch fever is a disease that is transmitted from cats to humans through scratches. It is a dangerous condition that results from fleas living on your cat. To reduce you and your cat's risk for getting this disease, perform regular and persistent flea control.

Cats Get CSD From Fleas

CSD is primarily spread from cat-to-cat through the infestation of fleas. When fleas suck blood from one cat, the bacteria that causes CSD gets on their mouth and in their digestive system. The flea itself is not affected by the bacteria, but when it bites another cat can likely pass it on to another feline. While there's no evidence that people get CSD from fleas, they can still get it from their infected cat through scratches.

That transmission is why this disease has gotten its colloquial nickname: it is most commonly associated with people who have been scratched by a pet cat. If your cat doesn't have CSD, but is bitten by a flea that has it, they may not show symptoms of the disease or even experience any negative side effects. That's just one reason you should treat your cat immediately if you expect they have fleas.

Symptoms Your Cat Has Fleas and CSD

If you're worried about getting CSD from your cat, it is important to know how to not only check them for symptoms of this disease but also for fleas. Your cat likely has fleas if it behaves in the following ways:

  • Intensely bites and scratches itself
  • Grooms itself excessively, including regular personal baths
  • Hair loss
  • Avoidance of carpeted rooms, where fleas are most likely to live
  • Agitation and frustration
  • Lethargy

Symptoms of cat scratch fever in cats include fatigue, headaches, fevers, swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite, weight loss, and decreased energy. If you're concerned that your cat has CSD, you need to take him or her to the veterinarian right away. You'll also want to have your home and cat treated for fleas.

Getting Fleas Off Of Your Cat

There are a variety of flea treatments that can help get fleas off your cat and out of your home. Typical treatments, such as flea baths and flea collars, are helpful. However, you can also utilize natural treatments, like brushing your cat's hair with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and even diatomaceous earth. These items will kill fleas or drive them off of your cat.

After you cat is flea-free, you should send them to a kennel briefly while you treat your home to get rid of fleas and eggs. These steps include regular vacuuming, washing your cat's bedding, applying anti-flea spray on the carpet, and even calling a professional to manage the situation for you. They can also help treat your yard, such as cleaning up loose debris and treating bushes with anti-flea medicine.

In this way, you can keep fleas off of your cat and CSD out of your life. If you are having trouble getting rid of fleas, do the right thing and call a professional flea exterminator. They'll work hard to get them out of your life for good