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Tips For Dealing With Bees Around Your Home

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There may be hundreds of different kinds of bees out in the wild, but you'll most likely see only a few of them around your yard. Bees are not usually anything to feel threatened about, but you may want to get them away from your home. Here is how you can prevent these bees from making a home in your backyard.

The Honey Bee

A very common bee that you will find is a honey bee. This type of bee won't bother you unless you provoke it, since its only purpose is pollinating nearby flowers. They will make a noticeable buzzing sound as they fly near you because of how fast their wings flap and can only sting once before they lose their stinger. The honey bee makes their nest in nearby trees but can also make it in an attic or chimney. If the nest is in your home, you should have a pest control company remove it for you since it could be dangerous.

The Bumble Bee

A bumble bee is a social bee, which has yellow stripes on a black body. These bees also pollinate nearby plants and flowers but can sting multiple times due to their smooth stinger that doesn't have barbed edges. They make their nest near the ground, which is why you'll often find them under a deck. The bumble bee can be very aggressive, especially if they feel the need to defend their nest, which is why you'll also need professional help with nest removal if you find one.

The Carpenter Bee

The carpenter bee is different from a bumble bee or honey bee, because it prefers to be alone. There are not carpenter bee nests that contain a colony of bees, since the nests that they build are just for themselves. The carpenter bee has the ability to drill through wood material, which is how it got its name. While the bee can sting multiple times, it is not a big threat due to being stung. The biggest concern is that it can cause damage to wood structures to build its nest. You can keep them away by staining or painting your outdoor wood, such as a deck.

These are just a few of the common types of bees that you can find around your home. If you are looking to get rid of the bees, always call a pest control company to take care of it for you.