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Signs Of A Bee Infestation

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Bees are loved for their ability to pollinate plants and produce honey. In fact, they are arguably some of the most important insects in the world.

Nevertheless, when a nest of bees appears inside your home or on its exterior, the insects can be dangerous. Many people are allergic to bees. If a person with a bee allergy is stung, they may suffer a serious illness or even death. Allergy sufferers are not the only ones in danger when a nest of bees is nearby. People without allergies can still receive painful stings from an encounter with a bee. A large number of stings may incite a life-threatening reaction.  Thus, leaving a bee nest in place can be dangerous for your home's inhabitants and visitors.

Bees tend to become aggressive when they are agitated.  Even if a threat to the bees is unintentional, an aggressive bee may chase a person and sting them to protect their nest. The insects may be disturbed by simple activities, such as lawn work or outdoor play. Additionally, environmental changes, such as high temperatures may agitate the insects. If you are uncertain of whether or not a bee nest is in or near your home, you may not take the proper precautions to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe. Here are a few indications that you have a bee infestation.

Bee Sightings

If you are noticing a large number of bees in your yard or home, a nest may be nearby. Take note of an unusually high amount of bee activity that is concentrated in any area of your property. Also, dead bees may be present. As bees start to nest in the walls of your home, you may notice dead insects near entryways, such as the doorways and windowsills.

Stale Odors

If honey bees nest within your walls, the insects may leave portions of honeycombs in the spaces. These honeycombs can start to degrade over time, releasing an unsavory odor. Additionally, the honey may stain your walls, leaving darkened spots.

Holes in Wood

Carpenter bees build their nests within wood structures. Thus, they bore into wooden components of your home, such as wood siding and deck posts. Holes within the wood of your home could indicate a carpenter bee infestation. If you suspect that your home has been invaded by bees, contact a pest control service like Agricultural Pest Control Services in your local area to schedule a consultation.