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Residential Pest Control Tips for Homes with Spider Problems

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If you seem to be constantly killing spiders in your home or garage, then it's time to get a clear understanding of the scope of the problem and deal with it. The first step in dealing with spider infestations is figuring out what type of spiders you have and where they are living. Once identified, then it's important to do what you can to eliminate them. To make this easy, here are some spider pest control tips from the professionals.

1. Inspect Your Property by Identifying Specific Types of Webs

While all spiders are helpful for reducing the insect population on your property, not all spiders are created equal. For example, daddy-long-legs spiders are not dangerous for people and do a great job catching flies in their webs. Other house species of spiders build their webs in window frames and are fantastic for catching insects. However, black widow spiders are venomous and can make you and your pets very ill.

To determine which types of spiders are living on your property with your family, it's important to look in various places for their webs. Black widow spiders, for example, build their webs along the ground, under rocks, and between storage containers. You will see the daddy-long-legs making their webs near the ceiling and harmless house spider webs in windows and in your landscaping plants.

2. Eliminate Spider Infestations with the Insecticide Pyrethrin

The most effective way to kill spiders is with the insecticide pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is safe for use on residential properties, won't harm your family members or your pets, and is available at all hardware stores. However, if you aren't comfortable applying it yourself, then a residential pest control service such as ABC Pest can do the spraying for you.

3. Keep Your Woodpile Off the Ground and Away from Your House

As you can imagine, woodpiles are a favored homesite for the black widow and other species of spiders. Every void between logs is a great place for spiders to set up their webs, catch food, and reproduce.

To keep spiders out of the wood, it's very important to put down a tarp and some pallets before building the firewood pile. The simple addition of a tarp and building the pile off of the ground will eliminate many spiders and other insects from getting into the wood. Since woodpiles are magnets for spiders and other unwanted insects, make sure you always build your piles well away from your home and garage buildings.