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Understanding Termite Behavior

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Termites are truly an annoying pest. In fact, a termite infestation can actually be dangerous to your home, if they eat away supporting beams in your ceiling and floor. Understanding the behaviors of termites can help you get a grasp on why these buggers do what they do. It can also help you and your pest exterminator find deeply rooted termites in your home. Termite Castes Individual termite behavior will vary depending on its caste. Read More»

5 Reasons You Should Seek Professional Help For Bed Bugs

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Before you head off to the local retail store to clear their shelves of over-the-counter pest control products, there are some things that you should know about bed bugs. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they find out they have a bed bug problem in their home is to assume this can be handled in a DIY way. Here are five reasons you should seek a bed bug specialist for help. Read More»

How To Prevent Termites

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Throughout many regions of the world, especially warmer regions, termites are present. These tiny insects feed off of wood, and are very industrious little creatures. They become pests when they find their way into your home are start using the wood assembling your house as their food. If you live in a region that termites make their home, then it only stands to reason that you should take steps to prevent them from calling your house their home. Read More»